About Us

The organization Om Sai Ayurveda India Ltd. was formed to cater the domestic and global requirements of the market. The company formed by some of the best brains in corporate world offers wide variety of products. The company is an ISO 9001-2008 certified. Our range includes :

Our products are certified as '100% Ayurvedic' & our unit is GMP Certified. one thing which we are sure about is the quality of each and every product which leaves our godown.

  • Med Madhur & Udar Sodh
  • Vikas Amrit
  • Rejox-V-Super
Fair Dealing and best customer relationship management.

Om Sai Ayurveda India Ltd is the largest source of Ayurvedic Products Like Med Madhur, Udar Sodh, Vikas Amrit, Rejox-V-Super and many products.

Om Sai Ayurveda India Ltd. emphasizes on rigid quality control checks right from raw material to finished product stage. That's why, we have been able to deliver consistent and high purity of ayurvedic products. The company has its own in-house manufacturing units, so as to have total control over quality and production. We also welcome any custom requirements so as to manufacturer the product according to your specifications and designs.

We are having an previous experience of more than two decades in manufacturing. What has changed is the range of products we have introduced over time to serve every need in the industry; What hasn't changed however is our commitment to quality and customer support. Precision, quality and a firm belief in perfection has resulted in constant upgradation of technology and expansion of the existing production facilities to meet changing and exacting demands. Which means having the best of men and machines

For us, developing and upgrading products quality is a never ending process. In fact, we even offer products to suit specific parameters as per our clients demands.

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